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Posted in FeedShot by support on the August 25th, 2006

I’ve De-activated Free Submissions

Posted in FeedShot by support on the July 24th, 2006

As tends to happen with this type of public service, spammers have ruined it for the people who want to submit their blog to a few engines for free. I had to de-activate free submissions due to the building number of spam submissions. I tried blocking IPs for a while, but it became too much of a headache to manage. I am sad to see free submissions go, and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

On the flip side, the Premium Submission is as solid as ever, and I lowered the price from $2.99 to $1.99 to take away the sting of losing the free service. I’ve also added a few more search engines in the past few weeks. Enjoy!

FeedShot Has a New Look

Posted in FeedShot by support on the April 1st, 2006

Thanks to the awesome team over at PixelTorch, FeedShot has received a long overdue makeover. The new look is leaps and bounds above the old one, and the entire process was virtually pain-free due to the design skills of PixelTorch. If you’re in need of some web design, definitely drop them a line.

And if you haven’t visited FeedShot in a while be sure to stop by and check out our new look.

The FeedShot Blog is Back in Business!

Posted in FeedShot by support on the April 1st, 2006

After months of being down with absolutely no help from Blogger (since they’re owned by Google I have to admit that I’m very disappointed), I finally put in the time to install WordPress. I have to admit, I was completely hopeless when Blogger stopped working for me. I figured I would either leave my archives behind at some point, or Blogger would get its FTP functionality working again.

But I was playing around with WordPress a few weeks ago while working on another project and stumbled upon its import feature. And, much to my surprise, it was able to retrieve all of the posts and comments from Blogger with hardly any effort on my part. That is truly Amazing.

Bravo to the folks at WordPress.

Blogger’s FTP Publishing Stopped Working Out of the Blue

Posted in FeedShot by support on the January 25th, 2006

Blogger is having issues publishing blogs via FTP (meaning blogs that are edited through their interface, but not hosted on their servers.).

It’s not affecting everyone who’s publishing via FTP, but it is affecting enough people to have a wave of posts to discussion forums. My web host says others are experiencing the same issues. I’ve emailed Blogger 4 times, and my ISP emailed them 3 times.

I’m actually editing the HTML by hand right now which is absolutely painful. I’ve been down almost 60 days. I don’t know when I’ll post again.

A Call for Designers

Posted in FeedShot by support on the November 18th, 2005

FeedShot is in dire need of a re-design.

The designer I was working with picked up a big project and won’t be able to help us out. If there are any web designers who’d like to improve the look of FeedShot in return for a mention on this blog as well as a link from the footer (FeedShot has a Google Page Rank of 7), please send mock-ups to support@feedshot.com.

I’m not looking for anything fancy - something simple, along the lines of www.pingoat.com or www.pingomatic.com.

PayPal Is Taking its Time to Switch FeedShot to Micropayments

Posted in FeedShot by support on the November 15th, 2005

I emailed PayPal approximately two weeks ago, and then again 5 days ago to request my account be switched to the new micropayment format, which will allow me to lower the price of the premium submission service. I’m going to email them again tonight.

This is frustrating!

Changes to the Home Page are Complete

Posted in FeedShot by support on the November 11th, 2005

I’ve made some changes to the home page based on Scott Berkun’s comments. The look is basically the same, but I changed the verbiage at the top of the page, modified the link text, and moved form elements around to give it a more cohesive feel.

Drop me a line and let me know your thoughts. I’m going to be watching the numbers over the next week to see if we receive more submissions than normal.

I’m also working with a designer to add some color and give a more polished edge to the site.

Scott Berkun Reviews the FeedShot UI

Posted in FeedShot by support on the November 8th, 2005

Scott Berkun, one of the original designers/developers of Internet Explorer from version 1.0-5.0, reviewed the User Interface of FeedShot based on an invitation he made on his blog that I responded to.

Based on his comments I’m going to be making some modifications over the next few weeks.

PayPal Micropayments on the Way

Posted in FeedShot by support on the November 1st, 2005

I contacted PayPal and it turns out they are allowing MicroPayments on a limited basis. I have to convert my entire PayPal account over to the new terms, which involves a lower fixed fee and a higher commission. It will lower PayPal’s take of each paid submission from 13% to 6.7% ($.39 to $.20).

Once that change is in place I plan to lower the price of paid submissions.

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